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Check out the FAQ below to find answers for some of the most commonly asked questions we recieve. We also love hearing from you! If you have any other questions about our products not in the FAQ, or would just like to drop us a line and tell us about your experience with Bilinski’s sausages, email us at info@bilinski.com or use the contact form below.

How Are Your Chickens Raised?

All of our chickens are free range, and pasture-raised whenever possible! Our chickens are always raised humanely and respectfully, and given access to plenty of natural sunlight and space to roam about. They are never treated with growth hormones or antibiotics, so they can grow at natural rates and lead happy, healthy lifestyles.


What kind of casings do Bilinski's sausages have?

Bilinski's sausages have NO CASING – so there is no pork or lamb casing to remove!

How do I know if my sausage is still good to eat?

The expiration date should be stamped on the packaging film, along with the product lot number. Bilinski's sausages are perishable, so it's best to use them by the expiration date.

If you open the package and it doesn't smell right, even if it's unexpired, please give us a call and we'll help you out.  Sometimes things do go wrong in packaging and shipping that cause meat to spoil before the stated expiration date - if it doesn't smell right to you, don't eat it. Also, please eat the sausage within a couple of days of opening it. Our products are all natural and are not designed to last once the vacuum package has been opened.

Are Bilinski's products gluten-free?

Yes! ALL of our products are gluten-free, and wheat-free.

Does Your Facility Contain Any Peanuts or Tree Nuts?

Our facility is 100% peanut and tree nut free, so there is zero chance of cross-contamination!

Why do you say "skinless chicken" on your chicken sausage ingredients?

The USDA allows products to be labeled "chicken" even when they contain up to 20% chicken skins as filler! We don't use any chicken skins in our sausages, just lean, whole muscle boneless skinless chicken leg or thigh meat. This makes our sausages very low in fat.

Why should I choose antibiotic-free?

The vast majority of antibiotics administered to chickens are given as growth promoters, to help them grow larger, faster, sometimes in crowded and unhealthy conditions. Overuse of antibiotics can lead to the rise of antibiotic resistant "super-bugs" and an increase in antibiotic resistance in humans due to overuse in the food supply. That's why at Bilinski's, our chickens are always raised without antibiotics.

Can I freeze Bilinski's sausages?

Yes! You can freeze our sausages for up to six months and they will still be fresh and flavorful when you are ready to serve them. For best results, move the sausages from the freezer to the refrigerator to thaw a day before you are ready to use them. Once in the refrigerator, please use within 3 days.

What does "good from the ground up" mean?

We believe that food is a journey, not just a destination. Our simple ingredients are sourced, grown, and raised responsibly, with integrity and respect for the land and animals. Bilinski's never compromises on flavor, and our products are minimally processed so our high quality ingredients truly shine through. We think the whole process of making food, building from the ground up, matters. We think it matters to you too!

Why do you have a bee in your logo?

Like the foraging bee, we collect delicious, nutritious ingredients from the land and combine them into clean, simple, and conveniently healthy recipes – similar to how the bee collects pollen and nectar to transform them into honey.

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