We believe you have the right to be
informed and make smart food choices.

Simple Ingredients Are Simply Delicious

We use only whole ingredients and never use any artificial ingredients or preservatives. What’s more, we’re all about transparency. There are no secrets with our sausages–no hidden ingredients disguised as “spices” or “flavorings”, just every single ingredient listed by name.

We think you deserve to know what you’re eating! And, simple, real ingredients just taste better.

A Complete Meal For Any Diet

On a quest for a better you? We always are too – that’s why our sausages fit so well with many healthy eating programs, and smart meal planning. Real food is always in style!

Avoiding grains? Looking for Gluten-free? Sugar-Free? Paleo-friendly? You’ll find a Bilinski’s sausage flavor that will work for you. See our product pages for item-by-item information that will help you make informed decisions about what’s right for you!

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No matter what meal or occasion you’re cooking for, we’ve got you covered. Be sure to follow us for our latest and greatest ideas and inspirations to ‘bee’ well!

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