How to best enjoy your Bilinski’s

Chances are you’re pretty busy. When it comes to family mealtimes, it can be hard to say no to dinner in a microwavable box or from a drive-thru line.

We totally get it.

We believe that when you choose foods for convenience, you shouldn’t have to compromise your food standards or your taste buds. We believe that eating well and eating healthy are one and the same.

Cooking Bilinski’s

Did you know that all Bilinski’s products are fully-cooked? So, even if you’re crunched on time, Bilinski’s makes it easy to have dinner on-the-go, or on the table, in minutes!


    • We recommend the best way to enjoy Bilinski’s is by skillet cooking them whole, with a little bit of water over medium heat until heated through. You can also slice them (see below for more information on slicing) and cook until seared.
    • Like most sausages, Bilinski’s were made to be grilled! Grillmasters, whether you’re a purist (sausage on grill) or like to get a great sear (cut lengthwise), simply grill Bilinski’s for about 2 to 3 minutes to develop grill marks.
    • For many a recipe, we’ve also thrown Bilinski’s in the oven on a sheet pan with roasted veggies. We suggest doing so in the last 10 minutes of veggies cooking.
    • Game changer:  Just recently a Bilinski’s fan introduced us to air-frying! Follow the instructions on your fryer, but if you prefer to cook your Bilinski’s whole, just be sure to poke holes in them.
    • Bilinski’s can also be steamed. Cook Bilinski’s for a minute or two over medium heat; pour a half cup of water into the hot pan and cover with a lid. The steam from the water will get trapped underneath and cook Bilinski’s through. Remember to remove the lid carefully to avoid steam burns.

Cutting Bilinski’s

Cutting Board with Sausage

  • Coin slice: All of our sausages have no casing, so it makes it easy to incorporate them into any recipe. The “classic cut” is a coin slice cut, made at a 45 degree angle. Cook Bilinski’s according to our best practices (above), and slice diagonally. Bilinski’s coins are generally about ¾ inch thick.
  • Lengthwise/butterfly: The lengthwise/butterfly cut can be great for when you’re grilling. This type of cut can decrease cooking time and allow for a more even cooking. With a small, sharp knife, slice Bilinski’s lengthwise about ⅔ of the way through, then flip and flatten on your cutting board.
  • Spiral-cut/curly-q: While a spiral cut is the guaranteed best way to cook to impress, some have argued that it’s also the most delicious way to enjoy a sausage. Like the lengthwise cut, this technique allows for a more even cooking. Use a skewer to pierce the chicken sausage and cut on the diagonal while turning the skewer.
  • Diced/rough chop: The rough chop is the best cutting technique when you want to incorporate Bilinski’s into a hash or for a recipe in place of ground meat. With a sharp knife, simply rough chop until desired size is reached.

Thanks to the healthy convenience of Bilinski’s, there’s really no wrong way to cook or cut our products. We encourage you to get inspired by some of the delicious recipes on Our Recipes page!

If you’d ever like to learn more about preparing your Bilinski’s, feel free to contact us or find us on Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest.

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