For us New Yorkers, like most of our northeast neighbors, March is simply a state of mind. It doesn’t matter if we might see another snow storm or two before the month is over, in our minds we’ve made it to spring!

With the changing of the seasons there’s no better time to spring clean your eating habits after a long winter of comfort foods and make a fresh start. Here’s three ways to spring-clean your diet with the healthy convenience of Bilinski’s:

  1. Cut back added sugars, salt, refined grains and processed foods. 

Added sugars and salt can be sneaky. Things like sodas and packaged foods are usually packed with hidden added sugars and salt. The American Heart Association recommends keeping added sugars under 6 teaspoons a day for women and 9 teaspoons for men. With one 12-ounce regular soda clocking in at around 8 teaspoons of sugar, you can see how quickly it adds up.

It’s the same with salt. On average, Americans eat nearly 4,000 milligrams of salt a day. By cutting out just 1,000 mg you can lower your risk of heart disease by almost 9 percent. 

When it comes to refined grains and processed foods, be a conscious consumer and read nutrition labels. Choose products that have short ingredient lists with whole foods and whole grains whenever possible. 

  1. Eat more fruits, vegetables and whole grains.

There’s a reason why we’re told to eat our fruits and veggies. People who eat more vegetables and fruits as a part of an overall healthy diet have a significantly reduced risk of some chronic diseases. Fruits and veggies provide nutrients vital for your health and are an important source of many things our bodies need, like folate, vitamins A and C, and potassium. 

With Bilinski’s, we make it easy to cut back on the things you don’t need and easy to eat more of the things you do! We only use whole food ingredients and never use any artificial ingredients or preservatives. We promise you can pronounce every ingredient on our labels (which include products all under 500 mg of sodium and no added sugars!)

  1. Eat breakfast every day. 

There’s a reason why breakfast is “the most important meal of the day.” 

Eating a healthy breakfast sets the tone for the day and promotes weight maintenance and weight loss by maintaining blood glucose levels and your metabolism. Various studies have found that the benefits of starting your day with a meal include:

  • Having a lower BMI
  • Consuming less fat through the day
  • Meeting recommendations for fruit and vegetable consumption
  • Having higher daily calcium intake
  • Having higher daily fiber intake
  • Having better performance (memory and attention) (for school-aged children)

With Bilinski’s, it couldn’t be easier to eat a quick and healthy breakfast. Bilinski’s are fully-cooked and while we love a good Spinach and Garlic egg cup (below), we have two breakfast flavors, Apple Breakfast and Sage Breakfast, that include slightly smaller links – perfect for starting your day right.

For all the creative ways you can cook up Bilinski’s for breakfast, visit our Pinterest’s Breakfast Board.  

Our mission at Bilinski’s is simple: make better food to make a better world. Our sausages are thoughtfully made from the inside-out. From the ground up, our simple ingredients are sourced and grown with integrity. This spring and beyond, we hope you’ll enjoy our products as a part of a balanced and healthy diet.

‘Bee’ well and Happy Spring!

This post was inspired by tips from We believe that eating well and ‘bee-ing’ well are one and the same.

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  1. I’m very interested in your kielbasa. Our family is Polish and has to travel to LA to get decent kielbasa. We were able to get it in NJ in the butcher shops but not in our county. Thank you . Can’t wait to try your mushroom sausage.

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