The Bilinski Difference
Why Choose Chicken
Our Chickens

High Protein, Low Cholesterol: Chicken is the healthier meat option! Meat continues to be an important source for protein and essential nutrients. Compared to red meats, chicken provides high protein with lower amounts of cholesterol and saturated fats. This healthy composition is even better in pastured chickens since they have a better diet and a much more active lifestyle.

Raised Better = Healthier, for you and the birds: Our chicken is meat you can feel good about. Our chickens are raised humanely, are free range, and spend much of their time outdoors. Our pasture-raised chickens spend more than half of their lives outside in an unfenced pasture, where they can forage and roam outdoors, coming into the barn at night. All the chickens we use are fed GMO-free and antibiotic-free feed. They grow at natural rates, allowing them to lead happy, healthy lifestyles. Healthy chickens offer better nutrients, as well as better taste!

Raised Better = Better for the environment: Not only are our chickens ethically raised, but eating chicken is generally more sustainable compared to other animal proteins such as beef, which consumes more than half the water and grain in the U.S. Massive amounts of forests are cleared to create pastures to raise cattle and to grow the grain to feed them. On top of this, cattle waste contributes to the release of greenhouse gases, like methane and nitrous oxide, into the atmosphere. Chickens contribute only a fraction of the environmental impact of cattle in every aspect, and can be farmed ethically to maintain natural ecosystems and provide sustainable protein.

At Bilinski’s, we believe that you can’t make good food without respecting the ingredients – how they’re grown and raised, and where they come from. This is why we always use antibiotic-free, free range chicken that has been pasture raised whenever possible.