Raising Better Birds
Our Chickens, Raised Better

Global Animal Partnership: Step 3, Chicken

Our products are made with respect for the chickens we use – and we only work with farmers that share our commitment to animal welfare and raising the standards for how chickens are raised in the US.

Global Animal Partnership (GAP): We’re proud to be certified by GAP, a non-profit alliance of producers, retailers, animal advocates and scientists dedicated to improving farm animal welfare. All of our chickens are raised to Step 3 standards or higher! By buying Bilinski’s, you’re helping us to support farmers that are doing things right, raising better, healthier chickens that are free range, antibiotic-free, spend time outdoors, and are treated with respect. Our goal is to help all of our farmers reach Step 4, where chickens are fully pasture-raised.

Antibiotic-Free and Free Range: The vast majority of antibiotics administered to chickens are given as growth promoters, to help grow more chickens larger and faster, many times in crowded and unhealthy conditions. By using only antibiotic- free chicken, we’re supporting healthy raising conditions, where chickens have enough clean living space to act like chickens, natural sunlight and access to the outdoors. We’re also supporting farmers that are raising more robust, heartier, healthier breeds of chickens, that grow at a natural rate.

Non-GMO Project VerifiedNon-GMO: Our products contain no GMO ingredients – including the feed that our chickens eat. Organic is always GMO-free. You will see the Non-GMO project verified seal on several of our All Natural items, and we’re working through the verification process on the rest.