The Bilinski Difference
Our Mission

Back in 1989, our family created a better-for-you sausage made from chicken — the first of its kind — because we believed that sausages could be made responsibly and still be delicious. From our first chicken sausage over 25 years ago until now, our values have remained unchanged. We believe that real food is made simply – building from the ground up, we use only whole ingredients that are sourced, grown, and raised with integrity.

We aim for simplicity in all of our recipes — just a few ingredients so the true flavors shine through. Only whole, clean ingredients are used (you'll never see generic "spices" or "flavorings" in our ingredients lists!) and each ingredient is always fully listed, because we believe that you have a right to know exactly what you're eating.

Bilinski's never compromises on flavor, because we believe that when you choose foods for convenience, you shouldn't have to compromise your food standards or your taste buds. We believe that eating well and eating healthy are one and the same — with the fully cooked convenience of Bilinski's, you can eat a nutritious and satisfying meal, even on-the-go!

Busy families, athletes, people with food allergies, those that follow special diets or avoid processed foods, and conscientious consumers — Bilinski's products are for you!

We hope you enjoy our products — from our family to yours!